Sunday, February 19, 2012


Internet connections aren’t always the greatest, so I guess this will get posted as it becomes available. Tonight there isn’t even a cell phone signal, but less internet. Oh well.

Yesterday was the first “real” day of “truckin’.” We left again—but this time with an empty trailer hooked up—to go pick up the load that because of all the computer glitches couldn’t be picked up on time the previous day. All loaded up we finally got on the road—with a slight detour back by the OC to pick up an electronic pass for toll roads.

The weather continued to be rainy and overcast for most of the day. We drove almost exclusively on I-20 and parked for the night at a truck stop outside Meridian, Mississippi. It was actually a pretty nice place except for the fact that we had a refrigerator truck on both sides of us than ran all night long! NOISY! So no, I didn’t sleep well.

Today the weather was pretty much the same, but the scenery going through the bottomland hardwoods and pineywoods of Mississippi and Alabama was just beautiful. Birmingham wasn’t anything special, at least not where we drove through it, but the countryside certainly was.

The load was delivered to Home Depot late morning, with the next pickup scheduled a little over 100 miles away for tomorrow. We drove most of the way to the next pickup this afternoon and paralleled the Tennessee River towards the end of the driving day. Tonight we’re parked in a dirt lot next to a little convenience store and across the street from Lake Guntersville. Not a lot of amenities, but certainly a great view! Tomorrow we’ll go the last 18 miles to pick up this next load and then we head for. . . Coldwater, Michigan!!

While all of the day’s events are unfolding outside the windshield, I’ve been knitting. The nice deep dashboard makes a great place for my yarn. I’m averaging about one sock per day and now have three pairs finished. No, only two pairs are genuine “truck soxs.” The other pair was knitted while we drove back and forth for La Grange and Dallas. This evening while we’re parked I pulled out some of my crystals and beaded a bracelet. As much as I love watching the countryside roll by, I still have that need to be working on something productive and creative.

Actually it’s been a rather cozy evening sitting here in the truck together. I’ve been beading while
Jim’s been working on trip mapping and reading his new BBQ cookbook. The curtains are drawn and now it’s time to snuggle up and get ready to put another day to bed.

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