Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much for Day One

Technology is great when it works. But when it doesn't.....well, nevermind! New computer systems don't come off the shelf working perfectly and yesterday was an exercise in frustration. So where are we today? Why right back in Dallas where we started! Sat around most of the day waiting for a load assignment that was actually ready that morning...we pulled out at 1:15 PM. Went into downtown Fort Worth to pick up an empty trailer, that when we got there wouldnt be released. Okay. So then we "bobtailed" over to Del Monte and picked up an already loaded trailer of mostly evaporated milk. Then we took that to the Walmart down the road in Cleborne. Then we sat while computer system glitches that had piled up during the day finally reached the point of "this is impossible to do." The end result? Go back to the Dallas OC and start over in the morning.

Today is overcast and rainy, BUT we ARE poised and ready to roll! Today we WILL be on the road and heading to Alabama. Its going to be a long day--we won't be parked until around 10:30 PM.

Mileage this morning is only 152 miles further than yesterday. But today WILL be different!!!

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