Sunday, February 19, 2012

Truck Living

Obviously the truck is meant for living in, and we do. As someone who’s done lots of field work and lots of camping--for the moment at least--the thing seems pretty darn spacious! I’m sure that opinion will change over the course of the month but for now I’m still in awe of how much
room there is.

Two seats up front of course, and no they don’t swivel. The armrests will go up but that’s about
it. The driver side has, as one would expect, an extensive console that leaves the passenger side a little shorted on space. In between is “Jill” the GPS navigation, tracking, and communications console. Jim and Jill frequently disagree on things like best and/or shortest routes, but overall Jill does pretty good.

The inside of the cab is tall enough to easily stand up in and move around. Maybe not for two
people doing different things at the same time, but yeah, you can get around each other pretty well.

Behind each of the seats are sets of cabinets. The set behind the driver’s seat consists of a cabinet and a bedside table with pullout desk/drawer combo. This is where Jim keeps his night-time CPAP breathing machine. The passenger side shelves don’t have the pullout table, but have deeper shelves on the bottom.

At the back of the cab are the twin-size bunks. You can very easily sit up with lots of extra
headroom on both of them. Only the bottom one is in use for sleeping. The top bunk is used for storage with a fasten-down net over everything to keep stuff from shifting. One can also lift upthe bottom bunk to expose additional storage space, although it’s not very convenient to access. But it IS there.

There are also overhead bins and other little nooks and crannies where things can be stored, but yes, overall it’s kind of challenging to bring enough of everything to last 30 days and still have room to putthings.

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